Can family circumstance read undergraduate course to the United States badly?

The question of cost is inseparable from the topic of studying abroad in the United States. The cost of studying abroad of hundreds of thousands of yuan at every turn also makes a lot of students turn away. It is suggested that if the family economic conditions are not good, it is better not to study in the United States during the undergraduate period, you can go to graduate school.


It takes four years to go to the United States for undergraduate study, and the total cost during the undergraduate study is about 2 million RMB, which is a big expense for any family and not affordable for any family. The cost of undergraduate study in the United States includes tuition, accommodation, living expenses, daily expenses, etc.

Tuition fees (top20 in the U.S. in 2019) :

1. Tuition of princess university: $47,140

2. HarvardUniversity tuition: $50,420

Tuition at ColumbiaUniversity is $59,430

4, MassachusettsInstituteofTechnology tuition of $51832

UniversityofChicago tuition $57,006

6. YaleUniversity tuition: $53,430

Tuition: $51,354

8. DukeUniversity tuition: $55,960

9. UniversityofPennsylvania tuition $55,584

10. JohnsHopkinsUniversity tuition $53,740

11. Western university tuition: $54,567

12, CaliforniaInstituteofTechnology tuition of $52362

13. DartmouthCollege tuition $55,035

14. BrownUniversity tuition $55,656

15. Tuition of VanderbiltUniversity: $49,816

16. CornellUniversity tuition $55,188

17. RiceUniversity tuition: $47,350

18. UniversityofNotreDame tuition $53,391

19. UniversityofCalifornia–LosAngeles tuition $41,294(out-of-state),$13,280(in-state)

20, WashingtonUniversityinSt. Louis tuition fee: $53399


Some U.S. schools require students to live in dorms, at least for the first year. The average college dorm costs about $3,000 to $7,500 a year. Second, the campus is relatively safe; Third, it is easy to learn.

The cost of living:

Under normal circumstances, the monthly food and drink expenses of international students are about $800. Despite the dietary differences, for lunch and dinner, most students will choose the school canteen. The price of a normal lunch is a few dollars, which can be accepted happily if it saves time and effort. If the canteen food accept incompetent, we can also start their own, ample food. Most schools have a Chinese supermarket near them, and you can’t escape a delicious meal.

When you are too lazy to cook, you can choose to go out to a restaurant. American fast food is cheaper, which is similar to eating a hamburger and fries at a McDonald’s. If you want to improve your life, you can go to a better restaurant for about $15 to $30, usually less than $50 per person.

Daily expenses:

An average of $1,000 is spent on basic necessities, services, activities, such as laundry, going to the movies, playing sports, etc.

It can be seen from this that undergraduate study in the United States requires about 500,000 RMB per year. Therefore, if the family condition is average, it is better not to go abroad. If so, it is better to go to the United States as a scholarship or exchange student, so the pressure on the family will not be so heavy.

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Cui Yuanhui