What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying business in the us?

In recent years, the number of students studying in the United States continues to rise, and the major that applies for the most is business. Some people say that business has good employment and high salary, while others say that business costs are low. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of going to the United States to study business? So let’s do that.

First, look at the disadvantages of studying business in the United States:

1. High cost of studying abroad

MBA majors are more expensive, starting at $60,000, not including the daily living expenses. If you are studying in a university in New York, Washington and other core cities, the living expenses are a lot of expenses.

2, the degree of recognition is not high

There is no doubt that the Top10 universities in the United States are recognized in China, but after all, the admission rate of the Top10 universities is generally less than 10%, so the annual competition is extremely stressful. Students who can’t get into the Top10 universities can only go to some universities that rank lower in the overall ranking. Although some universities are admitted by China, they think that the value of these universities is not very high.

Advantages of studying business in the us:

But everything has two sides, also need to be analyzed from two angles, the United States study does have the disadvantage of high tuition, but there is no advantage? Of course not. Next, let’s talk about the advantages of studying in the United States:

1. Wide choice

For the major of business, there are few graduate schools that can choose some majors in China. For example, there are few graduate schools offering business analysis in China, while American universities have many choices, such as New York university, university of southern California and rensselaer polytechnic university. If the topic is to study this kind of domestic colleges and universities are relatively few majors, then studying in the United States is a good choice.

2, pay attention to practice

The teaching model of business major in the United States is focused on practical experience. Many universities have cooperated with famous foreign companies, such as wal-mart, Google and Microsoft, to provide internship opportunities and employment opportunities for students. If you intend to stay in the United States, then it is a good choice. If you plan to go back to China, I suggest you choose some universities with high comprehensive ranking to find a better job in China.

3. High salary

Despite the high cost of tuition in the United States, high investment represents high returns. For example, graduates of the university of southern California’s full-time MBA program can earn an average salary of $122,634 within three months of graduation. Of course, this high return premise, but also your graduate program to study hard. It can also improve your English. Studying in a pure English environment abroad will certainly improve your English to a great extent. At present, in first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen, if you master a foreign language, you will have a great advantage in the interview. The advantage of master’s degree is not only the improvement of professional knowledge, but also the qualitative leap of English proficiency.

The above is brought to the United States to study business advantages and disadvantages of what are respectively introduced, want to know more information about studying abroad in the United States, please pay attention to the official website of study abroad, senior consultants help you dream of the famous school.

Cui Yuanhui