Does the university of Delaware have spring enrollment for graduate students?

The university of Delaware is one of the oldest first-class public research universities in the United States. Many international students who want to apply for the university have missed the autumn application period and can only choose spring enrollment. The following is for everyone to introduce.


First, the university of Delaware has spring enrollment for graduate students, such as the following majors:

The deadline for spring applications is Dec. 1

Geology. Application deadline for spring admission is Oct. 1

For the master of information systems management, the spring admission deadline is June 1

For the master of accounting program, application deadline for spring admission is June 1

Public policy and management. Application deadline for spring admission is January 15

So what are the benefits of spring enrollment? In general spring entrance to shorten the gap period, usually we choose the most is the fall semester (8, 9 months), so we do, are also more premise, however if we prepare time is late, the most close to our school to go abroad is spring/summer time, so don’t need to wait for more time to get to the fall semester, big season can choose the nearest the entrance.

The above is to bring the university of Delaware graduate students have spring admission introduction, want to know more information about study abroad in the United States, please pay attention to study abroad official website, daily update of the latest study abroad information, help your dream of famous school.

Cui Yuanhui