What are the target schools of major American companies?

Companies in the United States like to recruit students in their favorite targetschools, so many students who plan to study in the United States will take this into consideration when choosing a school, so that they can be employed in these big companies after graduation. So, what are the target schools of those big American companies?


On CollegeConfidential at BBS, the three biggest consulting firms (bain, BCG and McKinsey) have specific targets.

Many, but not all, schools are targeted, according to the survey. Bain, for example, doesn’t typically hire New York university graduates. McKinsey also generally does not come from the university of Chicago, Georgetown or any public school (except Berkeley, the university of Virginia, the university of Michigan and Georgia tech).

McKinsey is arguably the most finicky of the big three, while bain is funny because he has an office in New York but doesn’t like to hire N.Y.U. students. BCG, by contrast, seems to have the most equal and fair hiring

Here’s a breakdown of their target schools for you to see:

Harvard University, Yale university, Princeton university, Stanford university, Massachusetts institute of technology, university of Pennsylvania, duke university, Dartmouth college, brown university, northwestern university, university of Michigan, university of California, Berkeley, Georgia institute of technology, university of Virginia, university of Texas

2. Columbia University (BCG, McKinsey)

Cornell university (BCG, McKinsey)

University of Chicago (bain & BCG)

Georgetown university (BCG, McKinsey)

Emory university (bain & BCG)

Vanderbilt university (bain & BCG)

Rice university (bain & BCG)

University of California, Los Angeles (bain & BCG)

University of southern California (bain & BCG)

California institute of technology (bain & BCG) tufts university (McKinsey & bain)

3. Target school of only one of them: indiana state university (bain)

University of Wisconsin (bain)

University of Illinois (bain)

University of Texas (bain)

Wake forest university (bain)

University of Massachusetts Amherst (bain)

Williams college (bain)

Pomona university (bain)

New York university (BCG)

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Investment Banks

Typically, target schools at Wall Street firms are ivy league schools. But in recent years, a number of state universities have been improving the quality of their education and gaining the attention of top investment Banks, making them good alternatives to the ivy league.

According to the WSO investment banking industry report, we found the following top 10 target schools for 2018: these top 10 schools accounted for 22% of global investment banking recruitment and recruitment in 2018

University of Pennsylvania New York university Harvard University (Cambridge university) Cornell university university of Texas at Austin Columbia University duke university university of Chicago university of Michigan

There are many other excellent school is Wall Street’s target, school, including Yale university, the university of Virginia, Boston college, university of California, Los Angeles, London school of economics, Princeton university, Georgetown university, northwestern university, Arizona state university, brigham young university, Georgia institute of technology, such as Penn state university.

These schools are very well positioned on Wall Street and are targeted by specific companies. Penn state, for example, is a target school for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, but not jpmorgan.

Of course, the WSO study also shows that harvard, the university of Pennsylvania, New York university and duke are targets for almost all the big Banks…

2. Other famous Banks

In addition to the famous investment Banks on Wall Street, there are many other outstanding Banks, including Houlihan Lokey, Lazard, HSBC, SunTrust, Evercore, BMO, Piper Jaffray, RBC, Moelis, Jefferies, Macquarie and Rothschild.

These companies tend to be more regional, and are more willing to accept students from other schools in addition to their target schools. The main targets of these companies include:

Indiana university, Vanderbilt university, university of California, Berkeley, university of southern California, university of California, Los Angeles, university of Illinois at urbana-champaign, university of north Carolina, chapel hill

Accounting firm

When it comes to accounting firms, the first thing that comes to mind is the big four: Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and EY. It is a dream of many people to go to the four major internship and employment, even after the resignation is a beautiful employment experience, for resume can add many points!

What are their target schools or schools that like to recruit? According to LinkedIn, the TOP10 schools with the top four positions are:


Penn state, the university of southern California, the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign and the university of Florida were the biggest winners. It can be seen that the four target schools have a large overlap, basically are not picky about food state. As long as your major can, excellent grades, no matter which school you are a graduate, or have a great opportunity to enter the ~

Science and technology company

Technology companies are typically clustered in silicon valley, such as Twitter, Zendes, LinkedIn, etc. According to data analysis by Jobvite, these companies are most likely to recruit talents from these 20 schools:

Cornell university

University of California, irvine, Arizona state university, the university of Michigan, university of California institute of technology, university of Illinois at urbana-champaign, university of California, San Diego, university of California, Santa cruz, Carnegie Mellon university, Santa Clara university, university of California, Los Angeles, of the university of southern California, the university of California, Santa Barbara, university of Texas at Austin and the university of California, Davis, Washington university, Stanford, San Francisco state university, university of California, Berkeley, and SAN jose state university

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