Is it too late for the overall plan of American undergraduate study abroad?

Recently, there are a lot of parents in the child 9 grade or 10 grade began to look for small talk about studying abroad application, or more pleased. Why? In the eyes of general parents and students, “high preparation for the United States study abroad application earlier, do not need to be so urgent”, one child just finished the middle school exam need to relax, two to have plenty of time, the child now do not understand what to do, three to some countries school international class will be arranged, why rush? So in this state of mind, a delay, missed the best time to study abroad. So is it too late for the overall plan of American undergraduate study abroad?

In China, many parents are decision makers. If they can’t hold their children, they should also remember that if they understand the importance of the crucial moment of high school, they can avoid many unsuccessful factors in future applications.

In fact, the so-called plan is at the latest one year in senior high school. If you miss it, you can almost directly prepare for the application.

Xiaobian think, if go to the United States and Canada to study undergraduate best start time is junior two. Why?

A. lay the groundwork

Most of the universities have to see the results of high school (even see junior three) so don’t take it lightly. These courses are closely related to your future college and major. Many international schools or classes will ask you at this time to schedule your next semester.

Junior two to senior two is the most critical moment to lay the foundation. For learning, this stage of the first year of high school should be the time to understand the general direction of their children to learn what major, and then delay is not really planning but is “pushed”.

B. get grades

This is also a good time in terms of continuity of time and heat for standardized tests (such as TOEFL, SAT, AP, etc.).

If at this time pay attention to, remind, and supervise the improvement, all bad learning methods, habits and habits, character and other problems, there is hope to see the obvious effect.

At this stage if the ielts or toefl this minimum language test, the application days will be much better. But unfortunately, many parents and students do not recognize this problem!

[C] clear direction

Regardless of the future choice of what the United States study abroad application (or even suitable), what kind of nature of the school such as the college of arts and arts, community college or general comprehensive university, or Canada’s junior college, university, or specialized art college, should be at this time to in-depth understanding, carefully compare the choice!

At this time, the general direction of literature, science, law, business, engineering and medicine was also basically clear. If at this time, parents and children pay close attention to the general direction of the profession, and reach a consensus, the future action plan will follow.

He that knows nothing knows nothing. Many parents do not know about studying abroad, or do not care about studying abroad, if not prepared in advance, after the rush and urgency can be imagined.

The above mentioned is the overall plan of undergraduate study abroad in the United States in time to introduce, I hope to give you students studying in the United States guidance maze. Studying abroad can help you out. At the same time, more information about studying in the United States is waiting for you. Here, I sincerely wish all the students can successfully go to their ideal school and academic success!

Cui Yuanhui