What is the comprehensive evaluation of Harvard University admission?

What is the comprehensive evaluation of Harvard University admission? First of all, we need to know that we should not assume that a student with good academic performance can get into Harvard University as long as he or she has excellent academic performance. Next xiaobian will be detailed for you!

The admission requirements of Harvard University are mainly evaluated according to the following six aspects: ability, leadership, dream and passion, character, courage, vision and insight:

1. Capacity (Capability)

Academic ability is essential to complete the course of study, including SAT, GPA, toefl, gre, gmat and other test results, as well as research results and papers in related majors.

2. Leadership

Harvard University pays more attention to the leadership ability of students, which has a broad definition. For example, the President of student union is called leadership, Gandhi or Martin Luther King is called leadership, and the Geek who leads technological innovation is jobs or mark zuckerberg.

3. Dream & The Passion)

What are your interests, passions and dreams? What prompted you to choose this major and school? How does it relate to the dream you want to achieve after you finish your education? All this should be justified in your essay.

4. Personal character (Integrity)

The university will first judge the character of an international student based on his/her resume, extracurricular activities, work experience, student activities he/she has participated in, and letters of recommendation from others. Not only is the applicant striving to improve himself or herself, but also whether he or she has made a positive impact on others and the society in the process.

5. The nerve (Guts)

Each person will face major choices or challenges in his or her own life or career path. Whether he or she has the courage to take calculated risks at a critical moment (note that it is not a blind risk) is also a crucial part of the application documents for studying abroad.

6. Vision & Insight)

Jack ma saw the potential of e-commerce in China 16 years ago. Unfortunately, many Chinese tuhao did not see it then. Instead, a Japanese named masayoshi son and an American Internet company yahoo saw it. Therefore, whether leading a city or a company, foresight is indispensable.

On the basis of the above points, the admission requirements of Harvard University are obvious. They need to have courage, courage, vision, ability, leadership and good character to change the society. On their way to success, they can better influence and drive others to better benefit the society.

The above mentioned is the comprehensive evaluation and introduction of Harvard University admission, hoping to give you guidance for students studying in the United States. Studying abroad can help you out. At the same time, more information about studying in the United States is waiting for you. Here, I sincerely wish all the students can successfully go to their ideal school and academic success!

Cui Yuanhui