Is carlson business school master easy to apply for? Real cases tell you

Carlson business school is the business school of the university of Minnesota in the United States. In 2018, it was ranked by US News as the 29th business school in the United States. Below through the real case analysis, take you to understand.


Starting with carlson’s master’s requirements:

1. MBA program: toefl 90 or ielts 7.0 or above, GPA3.0 or above (average GPA3.45 for freshmen), GMAT690 or above, and more than 3 years of work experience. Application deadline is February 1.

2. Master of accounting: minimum toefl 80 or ielts 6.5, minimum GPA 3.0, no GMAT score required, no work experience required, application deadline is February 1.

3. Master of finance: toefl 105/ ielts 7.0, average GMAT675, minimum GPA 3.0, application deadline May 1st.

4. Master of business tax: toefl 80/ ielts 6.5, GPA3.0 or above, no GMAT requirements, application deadline: June 15.

5. Master of business analysis: toefl 105/ ielts 7.0, average GMAT709, average GPA: 3.46, application deadline: November 1.

6. Master of logistics management: toefl 105/ ielts 7.0, GPA3.0 or above, no GMAT requirements, application deadline is June 1.

Analysis of carlson business school master application case:

Student name: Mr. Wang

Grade overview: GPA: 3.3

Toefl: 101, GRE: 320

Major: finance

School: sichuan university

Admission major: master of finance

Xiao wang was a senior when he was found, and he was worried. Because many of my friends have gone abroad, and I am still in a very chaotic state. The teacher calmed his mood once, through nearly one and a half hours of communication, found that wang students and general science students are not quite the same, expression ability is very strong. Of course, he also has the science students logical thinking rigorous characteristics. At that time, his toefl score was only 90+, and his GRE score was also in his early 300’s. However, students like him are very explosive in the later stage, so I planned another toefl and GRE test for him, and improved his background, and finally he was admitted to carlson business school for master of finance.

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Cui Yuanhui