What is the difference between the student application process and the job application process?

What is the difference between the student application process and the job application process? In terms of the application process for studying abroad, it is exactly the same, including the basic examination requirements, PS writing, essay writing, online application form and recommendation letter.

But unlike the students, we will highlight the skills that have improved over the years in the workplace. They will look at your ability to work as a team, your leadership, and your ability to plan your own career.

Your work experience and accomplishments can help you make up for your lack of background, and your relevant work experience can help you learn.

In addition, admissions officers value the motivation explanation in the essay. Why do you want to study abroad after working for several years? Be prepared for this question.


Different reference factors for job application and student application:

Economic cost + time cost.

This is also the reason why most people can’t make up their minds, thinking about these problems after work is in a different position than when they were students. Press time to look, master/doctor respectively also 2 years /5 years time, combine again study abroad country and the school study miscellaneous cost, basic can lock.

2 language conditions.

As mentioned above, it is not easy for people who have already worked to pick up English, let alone work at the same time, so the study time is too compressed. On the other hand, the second language for us is English, whether it is toefl/ielts, GRE, GMAT, the difficulty of these English language tests lies here.

3 years of working experience.

If your application is consistent with your work experience, 3-5 years of work experience will be a great help to your application. 1-2 years of work experience will not be outstanding, but something is better than nothing. Like contributors, although China has a different system from the us, a certain amount of employment experience is an advantage.


If the nature of the job is different from what you learned in your undergraduate study, don’t be afraid. Applying according to the nature of the job also shows that you really love the field and want to develop in a better direction through further study. However, if you choose to major in undergraduate studies, you will lose the meaning of working in the past few years, which may give the admission officer the impression that you are not good at your studies, so you have to find other jobs, and now want to “retake”.

5. Apply in advance.

It is not only the problem of studying abroad examination, but also the working people themselves are very special, unlike students who have enough time, what’s more, they also prepare early. The undergraduate results of working people have been finalized, so other examinations, documents and so on can’t afford to “relax”, and many people choose to be on the job rather than out of work preparation.

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Cui Yuanhui