How does Stevens institute of technology rank for its school of finance?

Stevens institute of technology is one of the oldest polytechnic schools in the United States. As a member of the association of independent polytechnic universities, Stevens institute of technology’s school of finance ranks among the top in the United States and is a popular program for applicants.


According to QuantNet’s latest ranking of north American financial schools in 2019, Stevens institute of technology ranks 24th in the United States, which is based on the following factors :(Stevens institute of technology data)

1. Comprehensive score (62/100)

2. Peer review (2.2/5)

3. Employment rate upon graduation (32%)

4. Employment rate within three months after graduation (79%)

5. Average starting salary ($74,211 / year, excluding bonus, etc.)

6. GRE math average (166/170)

7. Project cost ($47,270)

8. Number of students in the same year (47 full-time students, 7 part-time or part-time students)

Why did you choose to study finance at Stevens institute of technology?

Stevens institute of technology graduates enjoy a high reputation, with an average mid-career salary of $120,000 for undergraduates, ranking 10th in PayScale’s 2015-2016 salary list for U.S. undergraduates, and third in PayScale’s 20-year return on investment ratio, behind Harvey mulder and the California institute of technology. The combination of rigorous courses in the Stevens institute of technology’s school of finance and real-world applications led to 73 percent of students getting a job before graduation, and 95 percent of those students getting their expected salary within six months of graduation. Of the 88 percent of graduates surveyed, 94 percent had jobs within six months of graduation, and 39 percent had multiple job offers. More than 300 companies recruit on campus every year, and the average starting salary for all majors is $64,150, with a maximum starting salary of $107,000.

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