Is it reliable to study in America after three years’ work?

Many people who have worked for three years have come up with the idea of studying in the United States because they are not satisfied with the current situation. Think, go to the United States to study abroad after the job has pros and cons, specific even according to their own situation to choose.

Advantages of studying in the United States after three years of work:

1. Define the purpose of studying abroad

The purpose of studying abroad is to further your major, to create a springboard for career advancement, to get a green card, to immigrate, or simply to broaden your horizons. But it is important to emphasize that it must be the motivation for you to move forward without hesitation. Otherwise, it is just a dream.

2, work experience can give the application points

In the United States, there are often examples of applicants with low GPA but rich work experience who attack the TOP20 universities in the United States. In the eyes of many professors, certain work experience means that the applicant has a deeper understanding of the major and has more strength. The use of experience is based on the study abroad major selection is high degree of work experience related to the degree of major. Only in this way can I maximize the advantages of three years’ working experience and apply to a better university. Moreover, in the United States alone, the essence of the master’s degree is not from scratch, but from the foundation. American colleges and universities are also not inclined to accept “new people” without professional background and workplace experience.

Disadvantages of studying in the United States after three years of work:

1. Cost

Do you have the time and energy to prepare the application for studying abroad for at least half a year, and can you bear the consequences of the failure of the application? Secondly, if the application is successful, the time cost of at least one year, hundreds of thousands of money cost, and whether in their own affordable range. Weighing the pros and cons, no matter how the choice goes, whether you can bear it. If the answer is yes, it will be the hardest confidence to choose “yes”.

2, cost,

It is not easy to save enough money for studying abroad after three years’ work. Two years of graduate study in the us requires about 1 million RMB, which is a large amount for any family.

Summary: three years of work and fresh graduates apply to study abroad the difference between the problem, reasonable use of this difference, work experience is an absolute advantage. Of course, this is the application stage, but on the preparation stage, the work will bring some disadvantages. Work itself contains very strong interference sex, in preparing for an examination to review, proposal will work and study are separated thoroughly, do not want to be affected by the trivia in the job as far as possible.

The above is to work after three years to study abroad in the United States on the introduction of the reliable, want to know more information about study abroad in the United States, please pay attention to the official website of study abroad, senior consultants online answer questions, help your dream of prestigious schools.

Cui Yuanhui