Want to go to the United States to study abroad how to do one year?

Want to study abroad in the United States one year, can offer 3 points of advice, 3 points of difficulty degree is different, specific choice which method still has to decide according to oneself condition.

I began to prepare the application for studying abroad, and directly applied for meiben in my sophomore year

One year is enough time to prepare the application for studying abroad. The advantage of this application method is that you can apply for a bachelor’s degree in the United States with the name of GAP for one year and the identity of high school graduates. It is easier to apply for the conditions of application than finishing the undergraduate application.

The disadvantage is that this method has a time cost, you will waste the time of the freshman year, go to the United States to study will still start from the freshman year. And may face application failure, resulting in a dilemma. It is a desperate way of survival, and should be used with caution.

Transferred to the United States in my sophomore year

After all, the best time to transfer to the United States is sophomore year, because many American schools require students to complete 60 credits to apply for transfer. Generally speaking, the degree of American undergraduate course needs 120 credit, finish reading in 4 years, need to get 30 credit in 1 year, the study that place of full-time student of 1 semester can obtain is divided into 12-18. So that means you have to finish your sophomore year to get those credits. Of course, some schools only require 30 credits, and students can apply for transfer to the United States after completing the freshman course in China. In general, most American universities welcome transfer students, but transfer to the United States is not as easy as direct application.

First you need to make sure that your grades in college enough meet the requirement of you want to apply for the school, and secondly in terms of paperwork ready to also more difficult, because why do you want to transfer this problem, a reasonable description, their activities and school curriculum, professional activities, or research, such as hook to transfer documents more persuasive. And the course description you provide, the college course description, will directly affect how many credits you can transfer.

3. Apply after finishing your senior year

This method can save your family two years of studying abroad, and you can have enough time to prepare the application, to improve your background and competitiveness, so as to apply to a good school. In fact, this method is better than the first two, but it depends on whether you can tolerate your current learning environment, have the perseverance and ability to improve themselves.

The above is a freshman want to go to the United States to study abroad how to do the introduction, want to know more information about study abroad in the United States, please pay attention to the official website of study abroad, senior consultants online answer questions, help your dream of prestigious schools.

Cui Yuanhui