What does northwestern university undergraduate course chemical engineering major course have?

What does northwestern university undergraduate course chemical engineering major course have? Northwestern university’s undergraduate chemical engineering program is designed to enable students to excel in engineering practice, research, and management in industries based on chemistry and biology, such as chemistry, energy, advanced materials, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and consumer products. Next xiaobian will be detailed for you!


Apply their extensive chemical engineering training to excel in entrepreneurship, medicine, law, government and education.

Excellent performance in first-class graduate programs and professional schools.

Become a leader in their chosen field.

Think critically and creatively, especially about using technology to solve local and global problems.

Abide by the code of ethics and consider the social implications of its work, especially as it affects the health, safety and environment of citizens worldwide.

The minimum number of units required for a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering is 48. These include:

Core courses (32 credits)

Mathematics (4 credits)

Engineering analysis and computer skills (4 credits)

Basic science (4 credits)

Design and communication (3 credits)

Basic engineering (5 credits)

Social sciences/humanities (7 credits)

Unrestricted elective courses (5 credits)

Chemical engineering (16 credits)

Compulsory courses (11 credits) :

CHEM 210-1 organic chemistry I

CHEM 210-2 organic chemistry II

CHEM ENG 212 phase balancing and grading separation

CHEM ENG 275 molecular and cellular biology for engineers *

CHEM ENG 307 kinetics and reactor engineering

CHEM ENG 322 heat transfer

CHEM ENG 323 mass transfer

Kinetics and control of chemeng 341 chemical and biological processes

CHEM ENG 342 chemical engineering lab

CHEM ENG 351 process economics, design and evaluation

CHEM ENG 352 chemical engineering design project

(* BIOL SCI 215 genetics and molecular biology or BIOL SCI 219 cell biology can replace CHEM ENG 275 engineer molecular and biological.)

Technical elective courses (5 credits) :

The department offers two approved advanced chemical engineering courses.

You can choose an engineering course from the list of accreditations received by the department, or an independent research unit.

An advanced science or mathematics course on the approved list offered by the department.

The department offers an approved list of courses in engineering, advanced science, or mathematics.

The above is the introduction of the undergraduate chemical engineering course of northwestern university in the United States. Studying abroad can help you out. At the same time, more information about studying in the United States is waiting for you. Here, I sincerely wish all the students can successfully go to their ideal school and academic success!

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