What is the ucsd collegiate system?

Ucsd is one of the world’s top research universities and one of the world’s top 100 universities.

The uc San Diego department is set up as a college system, which is similar to the harry potter system in simple terms. Students with different attributes are divided according to the requirements of different colleges, and the continuous education through the college culture and curriculum will eventually produce different types of wizards. The school, which previously had six colleges, opened a new one this year, so it now has seven. In addition to Sixth College and Seventh College, the other five colleges are named after outstanding figures in modern American history. The characteristic of college system is that each college has its own GE(General Education), which is the required courses set by the college. No matter what major it is, the GE of the college is the same. Students are required to rank the 7 colleges according to their preference when applying, and students are generally admitted to First Choice or Second Choice.

Choosing a college for an applicant can determine not only what you study, but also where you want to go in the future.

The ucsd collegiate system consists of the following seven:

Revelle College

John Muir College

Thurgood Marshall College

Earl Warren College

Eleanor Roosevelt College

Sixth College

Seventh College

1, Revelle College

Revelle college was founded in 1964 and named after UCSD’s founder, Roger Revelle. It is the oldest and largest college at UCSD. The school’s slogan is "A Renaissance Education". The curriculum is highly structured and intense. In particular, Humanities, the Humanities writing course in the GE course, is well known. This course requires five consecutive semesters, each of which requires writing papers. In two semesters, it is A pure writing course with 6 credits.

Course features: General Education is the most difficult one in the whole school, besides, there is also physical chemistry GE. If you major in physical chemistry, the GE of this college will overlap a lot with your major courses, which is quite cost-effective.

John Muir College

Muir college was founded in 1967. It is the second school to be established at the school, named after John Muir, a prominent American environmentalist and founder of the Sierra Club. The school’s slogan is Celebrating the Independent Spirit. The college encourages students to be self-aware while emphasizing social responsibility. The college offers a relatively loose and free environment for undergraduate study. Therefore, Muir’s GE course requirements are the least and most flexible.

Course features: GE in MUIR is the least number of GE in the whole college, and it is also not very difficult. This includes two semesters of writing (in the direction of literary appreciation), three social sciences, three mathematics or natural sciences, and six languages, arts or humanities.

3. Thurgood Marshall College

Marshall college was founded in 1970 after Thurgood Marshall, the first black chief justice of the high court. The slogan of the college is "the student as scholar and citizen", which emphasizes citizens’ social responsibility and belief. The college takes public participation and social responsibility as the primary responsibility of education, and focuses on liberal arts and economics education. Most economics students choose Marshall college.

Course features: 3 courses GE interdisciplinary writing courses (mainly revolves around the history of the United States and the political problems), 3 natural science (biology, chemistry, physics), 2 door mathematics or statistics course, 2 humanities class (partial domestic or global culture direction), 1 door art classes and 4 doors expand class (depending on each professional freedom of choice). The average score is about B. Take three quarters. Other classes won’t be too difficult and won’t keep you up until midnight.

Earl Warren College

Warren College was founded in 1974 after Earl Warren, the third governor of California and chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. The college’s slogan is toward a life in balance. The characteristic of the college is that while students choose one subject as their major, they are also encouraged to choose other subjects that have nothing to do with their major as their research objects, so as to achieve a balance in academic study, social and career development.

Course features: GE courses cover a wide range of subjects, including 2 writing courses, 2 social science ethics courses, 2 programming or statistics courses, and 2 other courses. Generally speaking, Warren has a large number of science and engineering students. In the campus, all the engineering and computer science buildings are gathered together, which is also known as the “school of engineering”. College writing is relatively easy and short.

Eleanor Roosevelt College

Eleanor Roosevelt College, or ERC, was founded in 1988 after the wife of President franklin Roosevelt, the first lady of the United States. The slogan of the college is “international understanding”, which aims to cultivate world-class citizens by improving students’ leadership, academic contribution and sense of service. Therefore, the college has an international atmosphere in activities, dormitories and GE allocation, and encourages students to study abroad. Of course, there are also many international students.

Course features: GE courses include five semesters of writing class (the Making of the Modern World, referred to as “MMW, difficulty and Revelle humanity writing, for up to five semesters, according to time order to learn the history of the World on five continents and meticulous, reading quantity is great), 2, mathematics, statistics, 2 class class door door art, natural science, one to three other lessons. MMW and Revelle college writing claim the title of UCSD GPA killer.

Sixth College

Sixth College, the newest school to open in 2001, is the only one not named after a celebrity. The college’s slogan is “innovation-creativity-interconnected”, which focuses on helping students master interpersonal skills, self-knowledge and technological know-how, and thrive. Through in-class and after-class programs, the school guides students to become innovative talents.

Sixth College focuses on innovation. The GE curriculum is also the most diverse, with topics ranging from anthropology, philosophy, history to arts, humanities, and sciences.

Seventh College

The seventh school, UCSD’s newest, will admit its first students in the fall of 2020. Seventh college introduces students to interdisciplinary inquiry, fosters critical thinking, and invites multifaceted solutions to the challenges of a changing planet.

Course features: seventh college has learned about our planet from multiple perspectives in physics, science, society, politics, the arts, and the humanities. The GE program at seventh college will enable students to synthesize perspectives and gain new insights into the main course of study. The school encourages you to approach large-scale global problems from an interdisciplinary perspective and in the context of your profession.

Why is the university of California, San Diego, a college? The aim is to enable students to experience the fine liberal arts education of a small liberal arts college and at the same time to fully enjoy the abundant research faculty of a comprehensive university. The students of college system is divided into seven smaller communities, each community has more than one thousand people, which makes the students can get personalized consulting and support services, at the same time also can get all the advantages of large universities: the internationally renowned faculty, undergraduate research opportunities, academic and professional practice, advanced facilities, laboratories, libraries and facilities and so on.

The above is the introduction of ucsd college system. If you want to know more information about studying abroad in the United States, please pay attention to the official website of studying abroad. Senior consultant will help you realize your dream of a famous university.

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