Go to the United States to finish a master’s degree for $50,000 to $80,000 a year

The cost of studying abroad is one of the most concerned questions for many students. After all, the economic foundation determines the superstructure. The length of study in the United States varies from one to two years, and there are also final master’s degrees (occupational master’s degrees) and research master’s degrees. Finishing a master’s degree usually takes a year to a year and a half, and costs between $50,000 and $80,000 a year. Tuition also varies greatly depending on the academic year of the degree you are studying and the difference between public and private universities. In addition to tuition fees, accommodation fees, book fees, application fees and other expenses add up to a lot of money.


1. Tuition and miscellaneous fees

Tuition and miscellaneous fees are an important part of the cost of studying abroad in the United States, but the specific cost depends on the economic development of the area, generally speaking, the cost of private universities in the United States is the most expensive, the tuition and miscellaneous fees of private universities are generally about $50,000, and the tuition and miscellaneous fees of public universities are about $30,000, the gap is larger.

2. Food expenses

In the school canteen, the cost of a meal is about $10, if you go to the fast food restaurant, you need to spend about $15. If the restaurant is in a good environment and well-decorated, the cost of a meal is about $50.

3. Accommodation fee

Accommodation is more expensive, typically around $8,000, and some schools require students to live in dormitories, at least for the first year. There are also some schools where students can go on day trips. Day students save more money than residents, but increase the cost of transportation.

4. Medical expenses

After arriving in the United States, students are likely to have some physical maladjustment due to the acclimation to the soil and other reasons, so medical insurance becomes a necessary investment project for everyone, and students only need to pay a small amount of insurance fees every year.


5. Transportation costs

The school transportation budget usually does not include international travel between the United States and China, so you will have to add the round-trip cost in this section. If you plan to change from a resident to a day student, you will have to pay for local transportation.

One advantage of going to graduate school in the United States is that there are a variety of scholarships and grants. Students can make a lot of money in addition to the high cost of attending graduate school in the United States.

1. Fellowship

2. Scholarship

3. Tuition & Fee Waiver)

4. Service scholarship

American universities are divided into public and private universities. Due to the high cost of private universities, more Chinese students choose public universities. In terms of cost, the family’s economic situation is not very superior, and the individual conditions may not be able to apply for high scholarships. Therefore, it is recommended that the family and their children choose public universities. If the family condition is better, can afford higher tuition and living expenses of the family can apply for private schools; Additional, if individual family economy condition is average, but student oneself condition is very good, be sure to apply for the student of high fund scholarship, also can try private university.

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Cui Yuanhui