University of California, irvine –ee professional introduction and application requirements!

The EECS program at the university of California, irvine is also quite complete, except for microelectronics, there are other mainstream directions. However, it is worth noting that the integrated circuit design at uc irvine is mainly focused on analog integrated circuit design. There are almost no professors who do research in the digital field, and there are very few courses on digital electricity. So if you plan to work in the field of VHDL, you can not consider this school. The following xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction of the university of California, irvine -ee professional introduction and application requirements!


The university of California, irvine, has three semesters a year and takes 12 credits for three to four courses over a 10-week period. There is an internship every summer. The program has the advantage of being located on the campus of the university of California, irvine. Two-thirds of EE students intern at the company every year, and half work for the company after graduation.

The EECE department at the university of California, irvine enrolls about 100 students every year, about 40 of whom are Chinese. Due to the fact that both EE and CS are in the same department, uc irvine has a more casual selection of courses, and students who want to switch to computers have the opportunity to take many computer courses. It is important to note, however, that switching to A computer course has requirements: the first two computers can be A- at the same time.

Undergraduate admission requirements

1. GPA: if you are not a California resident, you must have at least a 3.4 GPA in the required “a-g” subjects;

The “a-g” requirement, also known as the academic subject requirement, represents the minimum academic preparation you must achieve to qualify for admission to the university of California.

A. Two years of history/social science – one year of world or European history, culture and geography, one year of American history or six months of American history and six months of American government or citizen

Four years of English

Three years of mathematics (four years recommended) – must include algebra, geometry, and advanced algebra

Two years of laboratory science (three years recommended)- must include two of the three disciplines: biology, chemistry and physics

E. two years in a language other than English (recommended three years)- this requirement must be completed in the second year or more of the same language

F. one year of visual and performing arts — choose one year from the following courses: dance, drama/drama, music, visual arts or interdisciplinary arts

2. SAT/ACT scores: you must submit SAT or ACT college admission scores. There is no need to submit an SAT score, but if you do, it will give you an edge in your application. ACT score must be 24+, including English writing and English language arts. Score 560 or higher on the old SAT writing section and 31 or higher on the new SAT writing and language test.

3. Language requirements:

Toefl ibt score above 80, written test score above 550

IELTS 6.5 or above

4. IB/AP performance requirements:

AP scores 3, 4 or 5 in English language and writing or English literature and writing

IB advanced English test (language A) 5, 6, 7

English (language A) IB level 6 or above

Admission requirements for master’s degree:

Language requirements: toefl at least 550 (pen), 213 (computer); Or ielts score of not less than 7, of which each item score of not less than 6.

Education requirements: bachelor’s degree (4-year); GPA not lower than 3.0;

Other requirements: provide GRE scores.

Master of electrical engineering, university of California, irvine

1. Course list and transcript of courses taken by the university

2. English transcript

3. College diploma

4. Personal statement

5. GRE scores

The above mentioned is the introduction of ee major and application requirements of the university of California, irvine, hoping to give guidance to students studying in the United States. Studying abroad can help you out. At the same time, more information about studying in the United States is waiting for you. Here, I sincerely wish all the students can successfully go to their ideal school and academic success!

Cui Yuanhui