American undergraduate course application face type type and answer method depth analysis!

College applications are in full swing in the United States, after the application is submitted, is quietly waiting for the results? Oh, No! Before you even get an Offer, you may face another test: an interview!

What types of interviews do American college applicants have? What should I pay attention to in the interview? The following is to explain for everyone one by one

American undergraduate application interview type

There are two types of college admissions interviews according to the purpose:

Evaluative, as in a harvard interview, the result is a factor in admissions decisions.

Informational (Informational), such as the interview at Cornell university, the purpose is to let students know about the school.

Evaluative interview is the most common interview.

The interviewer will send your evaluation report to the school to judge whether you are worthy of admission. While college interviewers can’t say who will or won’t be accepted, their assessment of your personality, personality, strengths and weaknesses, and interests does influence the admissions committee’s decision.

Generally speaking, interviews at top universities are evaluative, such as harvard, Yale, Wesleyan university, Hamilton college, etc.

Informational interviews are designed to help students understand the school and answer questions.

This type of interview is more helpful for students to get to know the school, and usually the interviewer will not provide interview feedback to the admissions committee. Schools that offer informational interviews include Cornell university, vassar college, and colby college.

The interview form

Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago Let the students know more about the school, but also let the school know about the students.

Recommended interview time: between the second semester of grade 11 and September of grade 12. Usually arranged in the summer, and visit the school together with the appointment.

AlumniInterview: most ivy league schools, harvard, Penn, Stanford, etc.

Interview time: after submitting the application, the school will send interview invitation to some students.

ThirdPartyInterview: the interview is provided by a third-party interview agency and the result can be submitted as application material;

Interview time: submit your application before the deadline.

Frequently asked interview questions

Ask the student to think about something that makes him or her special (interest, achievement, experience, etc.), focus on academic experience, and look for opportunities to bring it up during the interview. Being true to yourself is the most important thing.

1. Self-introduction:


2. Personal interests:


3. Future plans:


Other: 4.


Free expression

Interview tips

1. Actively guide in a certain direction:

If you find that the interviewer is not asking you the right questions, or if you find that the interviewer is about to dig a hole in the ground, be quick to bring up a topic you are prepared for.

2. Don’t dig yourself a hole and jump in

Any mention (even one word) of a topic you’re not familiar with can be a pitfall.

The above is the American undergraduate application face type and coping methods in-depth analysis introduction, hope to give you students studying in the United States guidance. Studying abroad can help you out. At the same time, more information about studying in the United States is waiting for you. Here, I sincerely wish all the students can successfully go to their ideal school and academic success!

Cui Yuanhui