What are other SAT test centers in Asia besides Hong Kong?

What are other SAT test centers in Asia besides Hong Kong? First, consider the macau SAT test venue: only 23 square kilometers of xijiang pearl — macau, of course, the layout of the examination rooms in this city is very poor. However, as a result, as long as the seat of Macao is released, it will be quickly occupied. In Macao, which only has two examination rooms, local candidates may not be able to fill it. After all, there is no time difference in China and the language is still convenient. However, it should be noted that Macao is relatively strict in invigilation and has few test sites. Therefore, the SAT examination rooms in Macao are not very popular among mainland students. But take an examination of the dot is too little, one is difficult to seek, strict invigilate also can make many classmates face an examination more nervous, affect an examination to develop even.


Singapore SAT test site: the beautiful garden city of Singapore is often the preferred SAT test site for candidates with plenty of time. Most of the SAT test centers set up in Singapore are located in middle and high schools or language training institutions. Singapore has convenient transportation and a large number of Chinese. Although it is a foreign country, there will be no big barriers in language communication. Compared with Hong Kong, Singapore has more obvious language advantages. You can practice your English anytime and anywhere, and the number of mainland students who attend the exam is far less than that of Hong Kong.

Taiwan SAT test centers: most of the SAT test centers in Taiwan are located in Taipei and kaohsiung. The biggest advantage of Taiwan test centers is that there are still seats available until the deadline of the normal registration date. Taiwan test centers are relatively not in short supply. Need to pay attention to the key points, that is to go to Taiwan for entry procedures relatively troublesome, need to be prepared in advance, not suitable for temporary decision.

South Korea SAT the exam: after the impact of cheating, for a long time South Korea canceled by CB SAT the exam were set up, believe that after the painful experience of South Korea testing all aspects of the perfect, will in the future will be doing a good job for you to create a comfortable fairness of the exam environment, of South Korea’s to set up the examination room more concentrated in Seoul, busan and gyeonggi province, South Korea SAT more environment is also very good, just eat more expensive, the diet is very light. Most people in South Korea don’t speak very good English, but they can barely communicate with each other. The subway in Seoul is convenient, so they don’t have to worry about transportation.

The Japanese SAT test: the Japanese SAT test has an advantage over the Korean SAT test. First of all, there are a large number of SAT examination rooms in Japan with a wide distribution and a large number of test Numbers. What’s more, the time difference is also one hour, so there is no need to worry about the problem of adaptation. The environment around the examination room in Japan is very good, with many parks and green Spaces. The examinee might as well go for a walk, breathe the fresh air, relax and adjust to a good examination state.

However, go to Japan to take an examination of need to pay attention to a few: the first is the visa issue, this must be prepared in advance; As well as accommodation problem, Japan examination site is numerous, but everybody wants to know in advance good surrounding environment problem, some centres location may be partial, it is important to note that the accommodation problems, the other is no problem, if is the Tokyo area, cost is relatively high some, the rest of the consumption will be relatively cheap.

In addition, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and other places can choose.

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