How much does the tuition of undergraduate course need to prepare for foreign students in 2020?

How much money went to the phone, the cost of living, tuition, accommodation, and miscellaneous, believes that many people will be more eager to know whether 2020 students to read undergraduate course tuition how many money, need to prepare for this problem must have been trapped but many also have friends, intending to apply for study in the United States next small make up the detail for you!

Undergraduate tuition:


American undergraduate course studies abroad cost basically is tuition fee, the tuition that reads undergraduate course in the United States is not unified make, the school of different type, cost gap is very big.

About 53 percent of four-year colleges charge about $9,000 a year, while some elite colleges can cost as much as $35,000 a year.

Public universities generally charge relatively low fees, most of which are about $10,000 to $30,000 a year.

Private schools charge more, typically between 30, 000 and 40, 000, with a few charging around $20, 000 a year.

Tuition fees for undergraduate study in the us:

Undergraduate course tuition (RMB/year)

Northeast: 200,000

Northwest: 200,000

Midwest: 150,000-200,000

Southern United States: 200,000 to 250,000

Private university undergraduate course tuition (RMB/year)

Northeast United States: 250,000

Northwest: 250,000

Midwest, us: 250,000

Southern United States: 350,000

Living expenses (RMB/year)

Northeast: 120,000

Northwest: 120,000

Midwest, us: 100,000

Southern United States: 120,000

The cost of undergraduate study abroad in the United States

The average tuition for undergraduate study in the United States is about 271880 yuan, and the average living expenses are 81564 yuan to 163128 yuan.

Also need to prepare examination fee, notary fee, passport fee, application fee, but these four kinds of fees for the early preparation stage need to spend, the maximum is no more than ¥4,000. Mainly tuition fees and living expenses accounted for proportion.

The top 30 schools in the United States generally charge between $33,000 and $43,000 a year. Only the university of north Carolina at chapel hill, ranked no. 30, is particularly cheap at $25,000.

The first year of undergraduate study abroad in the United States requires students to live on campus. Of course, there are also some schools where students can take day classes. Day students save more money than residents but pay more for transportation.

How much does four years of college cost in America


Generally speaking, the basic cost of studying abroad in the United States includes tuition, accommodation, living expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.

The cost of different majors also varies greatly. In terms of majors, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and civil engineering were among the top 10 majors in science and engineering in 2009. Economics majors such as accounting, finance and economics cost between $46,292 and $47,782 a year. Science and technology, economic analogy liberal arts kind professional tuition fee is a little more expensive.

The cost of a four-year undergraduate degree in the United States ranges from $75,000 to $178,400, according to the report.

Tuition costs range from $15,000 to $35,000 a year, with business, law, and medical schools the highest at $20,000 to $50,000. In addition, living standards vary from region to region, with general living expenses and miscellaneous expenses ranging from $6,000 to $15,000.

The above mentioned is the introduction of how much money should be prepared for the tuition fee of international students studying in the United States in 2020. I hope to give guidance to all students studying in the United States. Studying abroad can help you out. At the same time, more information about studying in the United States is waiting for you. Here, I sincerely wish all the students can successfully go to their ideal school and academic success!

Cui Yuanhui